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Getting and Owning Hens

When the Celtic Tiger first fled and the recession began to take hold, one of the only actually useful pieces of advice to be bandied about was to get hens. It might seem counter-intuitive to add to your household when … Continue reading

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What people don’t tell you about planning a wedding

With the perspective that only time can grant I would like to offer a few observations that are not generally discussed while wedding planning. How comfortable you become telling loved ones to ‘F’ off Wedding planning can be a stressful … Continue reading

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You know you are old when…

Grey hairs, a trick knee/hip/shoulder, the odd wrinkle – the clues that show your body is aging are very clear, but the clues to show your mind is following can be more elusive… “Kids today” refers to people in their … Continue reading

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Oh, I really wish I could, but I just don’t have the time

New Year, New You: I don’t know what they put in the mulled-wine around Christmas that make us so aspirational and optimistic about what the next year will bring, but if you’re anything like me, much of your New Year … Continue reading

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Castletown House Protest

Is the Right-of-Way debate in Castletown House Demesne missing the bigger picture? Copyright http://www.castletown.ie/ There is an unfortunate but inalienable truth that for a historical structure to survive these trying times it must prove itself useful. Like a grand old … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons about being pregnant

People tell you that being pregnant is the most wonderful and fulfilling experience of your life, and that really you are not a whole being unless you have gone through the joys of child birth. Now while I try not … Continue reading

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Life Myths – Fact or Fiction

Where we weed out the truth from the random clap-trap people wheel out. Here are just a few observations I have gleamed from life so far which I have categorised into two groups; I buy that or total balderdash. 1. … Continue reading

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