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How to dress for your office

We have all been there, particularly now in cold wet March – You wake up late. Again. Drag yourself from the bed. Can’t find your hairbrush so do the best you can to tame the mane with your hands. Put … Continue reading

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Irelands Festivals on the Cheap

Stoney-broke, but still want to go to that party? Well before you bust a gut wishing for a fairy godmother or resort to “lending” your brothers sound system to the nearest pawn shop, here are a few helpful tips on … Continue reading

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Jewellery Organisation without a Scout Knots Badge

Every woman has been there … you are rushing to leave the house, last thing is to throw on a quick necklace to finish the look, only to discover that the one necklace that suits this outfit has become entangled … Continue reading

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Faking-it as a Festival Fashionista

Unless you’re a member of the Haus of Gaga, live in New York or are a Goth it is considered inappropriate to wear what basically constitutes fancy-dress outside of the bedroom. There are only two exceptions: Halloween and Festivals. Music … Continue reading

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