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Cocktail Cupcakes: Margarita

Cocktail Cupcakes: Margarita Topic: Cupcake, Alcoholic, Hens, Bachelorette, Baking, Party “Can I have two shots of tequila, I’m baking.” “You don’t need to make an excuse, if you want tequila at two in the afternoon you can have it.” “No, … Continue reading

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Mary Flahavan’s & Cathy Clarke’s Flapjacks

Following the tour de force that was my recreation of Mary Flahavans Oat Biscuits, I thought I would give her flapjack recipe a bash. However, with my new found confidence, I thought I would get a little creative. Now, far … Continue reading

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Define Self-Sufficiency

We were recently followed by a blog called the Self-Sufficient Snail, and it got me thinking about self-sufficiency and what it means to me. Like DeValera I consider self-sufficiency to be an admiral goal and something everyone should strive for. … Continue reading

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Galentine’s Day: Beginners guide to throwing an Afternoon Tea party

Inspired by Leslie from Parks and Recreation, this bespoke day is an annual celebration of your female friendships, which is supposed to take place the day before Valentine’s Day. However, I think such a wonderful idea should not be limited … Continue reading

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Mary Flahavans’s Oat Biscuits

I can’t bake. I can’t really cook, but I definitely can’t bake. I cut too many corners and get ‘creative’ at precisely the wrong moment. Also I have a tendency to ignore the beeper on the oven if my TV … Continue reading

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