A Home Made By Committee

Cathy is one half of the team behind AHomeMadeByCommittee.com. This blog was set up in 2013 by a group of friends (probably soon to become ex-friends once we start working with one another) to discuss all things ‘Home’ related.

Be that the things that make a home {interior design, cooking, baking, DIY (because something always breaks), buying or renting the space in the first place} or the things that go on inside a home {weddings, flatmates, babies, learning to drive, arguments, work issues, lucky breaks and everything in between}.

Although more than that, it was set up to discuss the particular phenomenon of Irish homes, and the things that are available on our little island. It’s all very well to be inspired by magnificent Italian wallpaper, but if would be cheaper to get the original designer on a Ryanair flight and have him paint it directly onto your wall, than it would to import a roll of the stuff, there is no point in proposing it for the downstairs loo. Similarly with ingredients, if like most people you walk your route around your local supermarket like a zombie hunting brains and have no idea what is in the aisles you don’t visit, there is no point in a recipe calling for coconut oil or quinoa because you have no idea where to source it. We won’t do that to you.  We won’t see you defeated before you begin. If you see something in our pictures, or read something in our descriptions, unless it is a rare gift from holidays, we probably got it in Dunnes.

Which brings me to our next goal; attainable budget. It is all very well to aspire to furnishing your home from The Conran Shop rather than Ikea or to simply must have that fleet of occasional tables that cost half a year’s salary, but the chances are that if you have just bought your home you can’t afford it, and if you are renting it seems short-sighted to invest in the “perfect item” for your current home, that may not suit the next. We embrace the idea that most people do not live in stately homes, have a staff of handymen on hand to help when disaster strikes or have access to all the accoutrements of a professional kitchen. Instead we aim for practical and attainable projects that not only inspire, but can also be achieved without specialised training or the budget equivilant to the national debt, but we also admit that we are weak, and will occasionally throw in a bespoke or designer item, just to keep us dreaming.

Basically if this blog were a song we would be a mash-up between Pulp’s Common People, Lorde’s Royals and a bit of Cyndi Lauper for colour.