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How to get that promotion

Any of this sound familiar …… You have been in your job a few years now, it‘s fine, but you could do it in your sleep. You find that you are spending a greater and greater amount of your time … Continue reading

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Hustler’s Breakfast In Bed

Everyone has been in the situation. It’s a weekend morning. You wake up a little bit earlier than necessary, and very quietly slip out of bed. Without waking anyone else, you steal downstairs, avoiding that one creaky step, into the … Continue reading

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Castletown House Protest

Is the Right-of-Way debate in Castletown House Demesne missing the bigger picture? Copyright There is an unfortunate but inalienable truth that for a historical structure to survive these trying times it must prove itself useful. Like a grand old … Continue reading

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Why DIY (Do-It-Yourself) when you can PAM (Pay-A-Man)?

I come from a practical family, all of whom have had practical skills. My granddad was a mechanic, although with a help from a few books from the local library, he turned his hand to almost all the trades at … Continue reading

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The mind behind the words

Cathy Clarke was born and raised in a small village in Ireland. An avid reader from childhood, she planned to travel to the worlds of her novels, packing up and bringing her family, friends and extended-household with her, using the … Continue reading

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