Sales Season & the Elusive Matching Pillow Case

C30. pillowcase 3

Sales season has started, and, if like me your household budget dictates that you must wait for the Sales to update things like bed linen, then this is a time of rapidly fluctuating emotions.

The excitement of the potential finds as you make your way to the department store nice and early. You have probably being doing recon missions over the previous few weeks, so you know what they had in stock and what might potentially be in the Sale.

The moment of ecstasy when you find the bed sheet that you are looking for in the correct size and colour marked down to €5.

The moment of horror when you realise at there are no pillow cases to match.

You frantically search again, scanning all piles, looking under and behind stands where experienced savvy customers may have hidden gems until they get a chance to come in and purchase them. Hawk-eyed you look at what the other customers have in their hands in case one is holding the elusive treasure unbeknownst to themselves, and might choose to put it down at any stage, giving you a chance to swoop in. In vain you might even try and ask the staff, who look at you like this is your first tour of duty and say ‘everything we have is out’.

What do you do? It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, a crossroads in your story:

  • Do you leave the bargain sheets behind, because really they are useless without matching pillow cases?
  • Do you buy the sheets and then search every other branch of the shop for the coveted cases, which takes HOURS and you may not even find them?
  • Or do you simply buy an extra sheet and make your own pillow cases at some point?

If you chose door number three then here are some helpful instructions:

C30. pillowcase 1

You will need:

  • Sewing machine, thread, needles, scissors etc
  • Sheet from which pillow cases will be made.

In terms of bang-for-your-buck the Single Flat Sheet is the best choice of sheet, because it is usually the cheapest of the set and at 260cm*180cm if will give you 5 pillowcases. The Double and King Flat Sheet will only give 6 pillowcases, there is more waste material and they are usually more expensive than the Single.

 C30. pillowcase 2


  1. Cut a rectangle 170cm*50cm
  2. Hem the short sides top and bottom 0.5cm
  3. On the right side of the fabric fold the top down 20cm and fold the bottom up 75cm. Pin in place. This is the shape of your pillowcase. Now turn inside out to begin sewing.
  4. Hem 1cm down the length on either side. Double hem to add strength.
  5. Voila, one matching pillowcase.
  6. Repeat for the number of pillow cases you need.

C31. JO 1

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Cathy lives with her husband, offspring and so many animals that her household often feels like a small petting zoo. She is one half of the team behind (an Irish Lifestyle blog) where she discusses motherhood, weddings, DIY, GIY, and everything in between. And she is one third of the team behind, a podcast which discusses topics interesting to writers. Follow her on twitter at @CathyCClarke.
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